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Before starting on a hunt for your dream home, it is most important to consider your budget. Your budget will determine the type and size of home you can afford. If budget is not a constraint, then you could be looking into the size of your family as well as the amenities within and around your choice location. For those with young children, it is important to consider the proximity to malls.

Buying a house in Singapore will probably be the biggest financial commitment you’ll be making, one with vast impact on your life. I believe that the house you are going to purchase, should be the  answer to your family’s needs in years to come at the best possible price and terms. I will value your time and help you negotiate as though it were my money. I will analyse your needs and requirements and recommend a space you need as your family expands. I will find you a home you are comfortable with and would love to have.

I will guide you through the home buying process from securing a loan to getting the keys to your dream home.

If you are looking to grow your investment portfolio through property investments, do contact me for a more in-depth discussion.

  About Me

I worked as a financial planner before and used to customize comprehensive investment and insurance portfolios to cater to the needs of my clients. Even though I was successful in managing their investment portfolio and bringing my clients closer to their retirement goals, I still feel that there is an issue that financial planning is unable to address. There are many people who have reached the age of retirement but are forced to remain employed as they still have a mortgage to finance or have fully paid off their mortgage but do not have a source of income should they choose to stop working. My purpose now is to help these very people unlock the potential values in their homes and allow them to live the retirement lifestyle they truly desire.
To me, a home is where the heart belongs. It is where our lives evolve, where we cradle our newborns, where we bring up our kids. Home is where we fulfill our dreams. It is my great honor to help you achieve your dreams.

In working with you,

It is always more comfortable to work with someone you know.So here’s more about myself: I am born and raised in Singapore. Being a mum to a pair of twin boys and stepping into motherhood  has transformed my perception of living spaces and how families grow. Whenever I’m not on the move, I enjoy going for Zumba sessions and spending quality time with my family.

Yours Truly,
Melanie Shen


743 LORONG 5